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Hello and welcome to the first steps taken in making my dreams come true. I have written for most of my life, and I have always had a fascination with new cultures and experiences. I have dabbled with the idea of working in any number of fields from writing to travel advising, and translation to marketing, but nothing has ever stuck. Today, I take the first step in a new direction.

But why now?

As much as I have always wanted to, I have never gotten the opportunity to travel abroad. I’ve been to several US states and the US Virgin Islands (at the age of 9, with food poisoning… worst vacation ever) but I’ve never gotten the chance to truly experience something outside of the familiar American influence that has surrounded me my whole life.

And then I met my husband. He hails from Taiwan and has lived in six countries. He has been to all 6 inhabited continents, with visits to over 28 countries within. He has friends from South Africa, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Spain just to name a few, and has schooling from 5 countries. He had more travel under his belt before graduating from high school than I ever imagined I could fill in a lifetime. I’ve learned so much since meeting him, and his countless stories have only fueled my travel bug even more.

Well, my time has finally come. This July, I will be taking my first trip to Taiwan—my first trip out of the country. We will be visiting his family, taking care of some paperwork, sightseeing… oh, and finally putting together a wedding ceremony! I don’t think there could be a better time for me to finally combine two things I love into one place.

Here you’ll find posts about my travel experiences, travel advice, deep dives into culture, food, folklore, and so much more. I hope you find something here that brings you happiness, and that you learn something new along the way.

I look forward to the long journey ahead as I set out on this new path. See You Soon!


K. Straub-Kuo

K. Straub-Kuo

K has been writing since she was in middle school. She has always loved telling stories and loves to do research on topics that fascinate her even more. K developed an interest in cultures at an early age, but it wasn't until high school that she became fascinated with East Asia's rich cultural heritage that blends seamlessly with the rapid advancements that cause their cities to thrive. Her interest only grew more when she met her Taiwanese-Native husband, whose expansive travel experiences have encouraged her wanderlust. She takes every opportunity presented to her to try something new and is always thrilled to share her experiences with her readers.

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