Hello one and all!

Honesty and transparency are extremely important to me. I never want any of my readers to feel like they have been lied to or manipulated in any way.  You are the heartbeat of this blog, and without you I wouldn’t be here.

As such, I would like to be perfectly transparent regarding any links associated with my page. Blog posts and pages on this site may contain affiliate links. These links may generate income if any purchases are made through the links.

Commissions earned will never be at any cost to you: products advertised on this site are products I believe in and feel will be of benefit to my readers. I do not advertise products I do not or would not use myself. There is no obligation to purchase any items recommended to you through my posts or anywhere on this site.

Whether you chose to purchase through one of my affiliate links or not, I appreciate your readership and support in growing this site. Thank you for being here with me!

Safe Travels,

K. Straub-Kuo