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My name is Kersti, but I’ll spare you the countless attempts at pronouncing that. You can call me K. I am an office worker by day, culture and travel enthusiast by night. I have always loved writing and had an affinity for other cultures, folklore, and food. KSK Culture is an outlet for sharing these passions with others who share similar interests.

While my primary focus is East and Southeast Asia, I do not limit myself to one region. I love to explore the culture and history of various places around the world and celebrate the differences that exist between countries.

KSK Culture features articles about various aspects of culture and travel. I write bout recent trips, holiday celebrations, personal experiences, and researched-based articles about history, culture, and folklore. My interests are variable, and I am receptive to just about anything, so if you have anything you’d like me to write about, please let me know. I welcome new ideas and hope to make this a warm and welcoming home with others who love traditions from around the world.


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