Taiwanese Valentine’s Day: Culture Meets Romance

QiXi Festival (七夕節), also known as Taiwanese Valentine’s day, is a celebration that merges folklore with romance as the country celebrates the legend of the Weaver Girl and the Cow Herder. The celebration is held on the 7th day for the 7th month in the Lunar Calendar (this year it will be on August 4 […]

Confessions of a First-Time Overseas Traveler

I’ve never been abroad. So naturally, what is a better way to begin my international journey than at the tail-end of an international pandemic to one of the strictest countries in regard to travelers and quarantine? As I stare out the window at beautiful Tamsui, feeling a longing to  explore while I am trapped at […]

Glossika – Great Potential

Glossika – A limited program with High Potential There are a lot of Apps and programs out there for language learning. Some of them are great! Others, not so much. Sometimes, it really just depends on the language, the style of learning you prefer, and what preferences suit you. I have spent a lot of […]

Freedom: 7 Countries on 4 Continents Who Celebrate their Independence

Photo by Colin Knowles

Independence Day is a massive event where I live, in the United States. The fourth of July is a day of family, Barbeques, and fireworks. Red, white, and blue clothing and décor litter the stores in the coming weeks, and American flags seem to be everywhere. With so much patriotism overcoming the nation, it is […]

Bad Trip: My Childhood Vacation from Hell

There’s nothing worse than dishing out your savings for a vacation, only to have everything you planned go horribly wrong. Except when you are a child, it’s your second real vacation, and you have no control over what you’ll do when everything decides to go sideways. An Exciting Prospect When I was nine years old, […]

Welcome to KSK Culture!

Hello and welcome to the first steps taken in making my dreams come true. I have written for most of my life, and I have always had a fascination with new cultures and experiences. I have dabbled with the idea of working in any number of fields from writing to travel advising, and translation to […]