Travel to Japan: You May Want to Plan Ahead

Visa-free tourism has resumed in Japan since October of 2022, and all those hungry tourist looking forward to the many offerings of this beautiful country are eager to hop on the next flight to the land of the rising sun. As tempting as it may be to drop everything and go, two years has changed […]

Valentine’s Day and White Day: Celebrating Love in Japan

Love is in the air as February 14th quickly approaches. In the West, and especially in the United States, Valentine’s day is the holiday where you show your significant other just how much they mean to you through gifts of jewelry, flowers, chocolate, or whatever speaks to your partner. But over time, the holiday has […]

7-Eleven Sensation: True Convenience in East Asia

In the United States, 7-Eleven is known as a gas station and convenience store chain. And they may persist as a convenience store everywhere else as well, but they have a much more important role to play in countries like Japan and Taiwan. I know speaking about a convenience store doesn’t seem exciting but bear […]